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Name (first and LJ): Joanna edgar_warhol Age: 22 Location: Fort… 
14th-Aug-2006 10:43 am
Name (first and LJ): Joanna edgar_warhol
Age: 22
Location: Fort Wayne, IN
Wedding Date: April 21, 2007
Starting Out Weight: 188 :(
Current Weight: 188
Current Dress Size: 20
Goal Dress Size: 18, ultimately 6
Goal Weight: ultimately, 125
Favorite Foods: Lofthouse cookies *drools*
Favorite Exercise: Um, yeah, don't have one. That's why I weigh what I do.
Tell us a funny thing about yourself: A funny thing? Hm... I'm not really a comedian, and I'm not really funny because I'm awkward. At this time, I really can't think of a funny thing. Except I love the movie Superstar and my fiance has a birthmark that I describe much the same way that Mary Catherine Gallagher describes that one kid's birthmark. And I think it's funny.
Please promote this community in 2 places, one can be in your personal journal: (please put links where it can be found)
Anything else you want to say? I'm very excited to meet new people through this! I'd also love to know if anyone has Bridal Bootcamp360, Bridal Bootcamp or Buff Brides and how well they've been doing with them. Thanks!
Feel free to post a picture. No picture yet.
24th-Aug-2006 09:20 pm (UTC)
Hey there, date twin! I have Buff Brides but I haven't started it yet, I have been lifting at the gym instead. BB is definitely worth it, it has a lot of good information in it.
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