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Name (first and LJ): Cassidy Age: 22 Location: Dallas, Tx Wedding… 
24th-Sep-2006 10:03 pm
Name (first and LJ): Cassidy
Age: 22
Location: Dallas, Tx
Wedding Date: June 2, 2007
Starting Out Weight: 135-140
Current Weight: 135-140
Current Dress Size: 6
Goal Dress Size: 6 (I don't really care about my number, I just want to be toned)
Goal Weight: 115-120
Favorite Foods: Salty foods, sweets, and sodas
Favorite Exercise: exercise bike
Tell us a funny thing about yourself: My boobs won't stop growing.
Please promote this community in 2 places, one can be in your personal journal: I haven't done this, but will soon. :)
Anything else you want to say? In reference to my "funny thing" I have huge breasts, I'm talking busting out of a 34H/I size bra. This does interfere with exercise, since it hurts so bad and I'm so self-concious of my breasts bouncing. I did just recently buy one of those sports bras that Oprah talked about, I think Enell or something like that, then I had a seamstress custom fit it to me so that it does keep me tight.

This is also another problem, and the real one actually- I have no motivation. I know what I should be doing, what I shouldn't eat, that I just need to get out there and move but I can't make myself do it. It doesn't help that my fiance, Jackson is lazy right along with me. If I ask him to take a walk with me and he denies, instead of going out myself, I just plop myself down on the couch next to him. Where do you ladies get your motivation? I need some! Help!! Is anyone in the Dallas area and want to workout together? I always tell my fiance if I could put as much effort into my own body as I do him I would have a rockin' body.
23rd-Feb-2007 10:53 am (UTC)
It's hard to be motivated. I found the best motivation is when I started losing weight, I was really excited and thought oh wow, this is working!

I hardly had to do much excercise at all. I combined about 30 mins excercise a day (or every other day) with eating a bit better.

Check out www.calorieking.com.au - it's Australian but I think you can just use a converter to convert pounds to kilos, you can even input any naughty take away and it will work out the calories for you!
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