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9th-Jul-2006 09:59 am - Quick Sunday post
I Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Mine is going well..lots of time with the Fiance so I am happy:-)

I have been doing better (not great) with working out. I ran a couple of times this week. Did Turbo Jam cardio this week. And Yesterday I did 40mins of Turbo Sculpt (omg, I almost died!). I've also been trying to drink more water and less soda. I turned away soda a couple of times except last night at dinner, but drank water at the movies so that was good, I think??

So today is sunday. Usually Jason and I just cuddle/lounge around....we were watching tv and I saw a new ad for something called the "Bean" (www.bean.com). It's a newer version of the workout ball and it looks a lot more comfortable. Has anyone else seen it?? It comes with work out videos and everything. I really want it but I don't want to waste money...
24th-Jun-2006 10:17 am(no subject)
so this is love
So working out is starting off slow...but, I already see a difference!

One day I did Budokon. One day I ran 3 miles. And The next day I did Turbo Jam Abs (my abs kill!). I didn't work out yesterday but I am going to do 40mins of yoga right now...Yoga Abs and Fat burning Yoga. Then tonight I'm going to run and maybe do strength training. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to work out tomorrow because we are heading up 3 or 4 hours in NH to look at a place to have our wedding!!

I've also been keeping track of what I'm eating. Yesterday= Breakfast: Muffin with glass of milk (muffin not good, milk good) Snack: Spoon of beanutbutter. Lunch: Wheat bread with a cup of chicken salad and mayo (not fat free, but I'm working my way there) Dinner: Chicken Broccoli and Ziti from UNO's (didn't eat the whole thing! I normally do but I'm trying to know when to stop) Today= Breakfast: Rasin Brain. And that's all so far!

I hope I can keep this up. I want to run more to shead the weight! I guess I just have to keep telling myself that if I want to start dress shopping i need to get into shape!
22nd-Jun-2006 03:48 pm - getting back in the game
Swan Sword
hello ladies!

So, I've been off the wagon for a while.  To re-cap:

I've lost almost 60 pounds since 2003.  I've gained 10 back.  I lost the first 30 or so by simple calorie counting and cutting the shit out of my diet.  The last few were exercise!  I was at 251+ (scale only went that high!) and was a size 22/24.  Today I fit into 16's but they are tight!

My wedding is 78 days from today.

FW (yes, I am gay, hence the username) is also feeling a little weighty (she's gone from 145 to 152 in about a year) and wants to join me in my quest.  She used to be able to eat whatever she wanted but now realizes that she can't now.


The batteries will go back in the scale on July 1.  I hope to hit 199 by then ;)

Hope you are all doing well out there!
22nd-Jun-2006 08:22 am - First actual entry
nude hands
Hi everyone! After being here a couple days, I thought I'd share my progress. I've been dieting on and off for the last couple of months. However, since I started posting my own progress on my journal and started speaking to other brides-to-be and former brides about their diets, I've been able to keep to my diet quite well. I think the most important aspect to a successful diet is having someone with whom you can discuss your diet. I could always talk to Mark (my future husband), but he'll keep telling me I look just perfect and should stop worrying... so yeah. :) Either way, I've been able to lose 8 lbs., and I'm trying my best to push towards the midway point to my diet. I'm so close!

I started noticing a big difference in the last two days. My cheek bones are more pronounced. My clothes fit much better (sexier even), and my posture has even started to get better. I dropped from 135 lbs. to 127 in the last couple of months. I've been in a diet rut for the last month or so, stable at 129 lbs; it was frustrating as hell. However, this week I've been able to stay steadily at 127.8 lbs. I'm very proud of myself, and I don't want to lose that energy to keep pushing through. It is my hope to reach 125 lbs. by the end of this month. After that, I'll only have 10-15 lbs. more to lose.

So, what am I doing? A few things. I've picked up running. Mark is my running partner (he's trying to lose 60 lbs. before our wedding, which is June 9th, 2007). We want to get to the point where we can run 4x a week, 5 miles for those days. Right now, we're able to run/walk 1.5 miles (most of it running). It's a big accomplishment for us. However, because we're currently in the process of purchasing a house (closing next week) and he's got a huge conference paper due on the 14th of July (he's a grad student), we've only been able to go running once a week. Once we move and all other responsibilities out of the way, we will be running 4x a week.

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22nd-Jun-2006 02:29 am(no subject)
Friends wedding Dresses
Name (first and LJ): Ally (Alycialovesyou)  
Age: 20, almost 21
Location: MI
Wedding Date: 11/24/07
Starting Out Weight: 230
Current Weight:230
Current Dress Size: I don't even want to know!
Goal Dress Size: 10 or 12
Goal Weight: 150
Favorite Foods: tortillas with cream cheese, macaroni and cheese, pizza, chinese food
Favorite Exercise: tennis with someone who can actually play, walking
Tell us a funny thing about yourself: I think I look like I weight twice as much as I really do.
Please promote this community in 2 places, one can be in your personal journal: (please put links where it can be found)
Anything else you want to say? I'm really looking forward to losing weight! I've been overweight all of my life, and I'm short, so it really shows. I hate being embarassed of seeing myself in the mirror, and I won't even try on wedding dress until I lose at least thirty pounds. According to some weight loss websites I have to lose a pound a week to meet my goal by november '07. So that's going to be my goal! Just eat better, exercise more. No craziness.
Feel free to post a picture.

22nd-Jun-2006 12:52 am - the 720 pound couple
I started a weight loss community because of the amazing amount of questions I was getting about my new diet.
21st-Jun-2006 10:11 pm - hello!
Name (first and LJ): jess/jkass
Age: 27
Location: milwaukee, wi
Wedding Date: 9/1/2006
Starting Out Weight: 170
Current Weight: 160
Current Dress Size: 10/12
Goal Dress Size: 6/8
Goal Weight: 135-140
Favorite Foods: indian, mexican, and LOTS of ice cream
Favorite Exercise: riding the elliptical bike at the gym and lifting ANYTHING to tone my arms!
Tell us a funny thing about yourself: i can tie a cherry stem into a knot with my tongue.
21st-Jun-2006 10:07 pm - Getting closer to my goal
It's been a while since I posted so I thought I would give everyone an update. I started with Herbal One last November and weighed 217lbs. Today I got weighed and I'm down to 180.5 lbs and I have lost over 51". I was getting weighed 3 days a week but now it's once a week or sometimes 2x's. People are really starting to notice the new me. It's unbelievable and I'm really happy. I still have about 20lbs to go it hasn't been easy but it's well worth it. I will try to post a pic very soon.

BTW the posted pic is a couple years ago and I'm almost back to that weight.
15th-Jun-2006 04:43 pm - How do these things work?
Hello! I am typing with my scrubs on (I just got in from work) and my rollerblads on...haha. I don't intend on going anywhere, I just wanted them on. I've had these things for about 3 years and allll this time I thought they didn't fit. Hmm, my feet must have grown because they fit perfectly!

Now, the hard part. Does anyone know how to work these things? I saw that only ONE skate thing has a break?!?! How is that going to stop me? Plus, I just practiced in my kitchen (it's tile) and how do you turn? I took ice skating but those turn easy..these you litteraly need to pick up your foot to turn? Am I doing this right?

I was driving home from work and remembered that I had these things. Then I thought that now the weather is beautiful (well, for right now...I do live in New England) so after work I can go to the lake and skate that a few times. Once around is roughly 3 miles. If I do it every other day and go twice around, 6 miles is pretty good exercise. Right?

I need to buy a helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads.....I know I will fall a billion times and do not want to end up like some of my patients. I wish my fiance was home. Then I could go outside and he could hold my hand as I go 1mph down the drive way. ::tap tap:: I guess I will at least continue to sit here with them on...It makes me feel I'm working out.
close up
Name (first and LJ): Kristin
Age: 23
Location: MD
Wedding Date: 21 April 2007
Starting Out Weight: 120
Current Weight: 120
Current Dress Size: 0-4 depending on cut
Goal Dress Size: same as current
Goal Weight: 125
Favorite Foods: almost anything salty
Favorite Exercise: swimming (but I don't have a place to swim now)
Tell us a funny thing about yourself: Because I've always been a slacker, I've always claimed my constant giggling to be my exercise.
Anything else you want to say? I'm looking to get into shape so that I don't pass out from lugging around a huge wedding dress before I even hit the dance floor.
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