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Fit Brides

Get In Shape Girls!

Fit Bride
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Hey Ladies (and Gents!) This is a community for anyone getting ready to get married (or just a hopeless romantic who wants to get fit for whenever that day may come!) Feel free to post anything you like, whether it is what you ate today, how much you have lost (or gained!), or just venting about whatever makes you crave food! This is a community to really get involved in, don't just post the intro survey and walk away. Please read the rules before doing the survey!

1. This is the not the community for you if you just want to stir-up trouble.
2. You may promote but only if it has to do with weight-loss or weddings. If I don't think it is appropriate I will take it off.
3. Please help encourage everyone by commenting on their entries, we are here to support eachother.
4. If posting more than 1 photo please place under lj-cut
5. If your topic of discussion is something unrelated/personal please put under lj-cut
6. When filling out the survey please use tag "Intro"

Please fill out this survey when joining!

Name (first and LJ):
Wedding Date:
Starting Out Weight:
Current Weight:
Current Dress Size:
Goal Dress Size:
Goal Weight:
Favorite Foods:
Favorite Exercise:
Tell us a funny thing about yourself:
Please promote this community in 2 places, one can be in your personal journal: (please put links where it can be found)
Anything else you want to say?
Feel free to post a picture.