I think I have found my wedding dress! Now to get skinnier so that it will look awesome...

PS. I'm trying to work a mad dash for inches lost. I am trying to lose 3 inches by the end of this week so that I can fit into my swimsuit again. Wish me luck!

Ab lounger

Has anyone tried both the Ab Lounger Ultra and the Ab Lounger 2? How much difference is there? Anyone know of a place I can try out the Ab lounger 2?

I've tried the Ultra, but I wouldn't be able to get it possibly until after the honeymoon (I want to get it free with credit card points). Of course ideally, I'd like to get it soon so I can tone up before the wedding.

I just want to make sure I'll be happy with the 2 and not regret not holding out for the Ultra.

Thanks for any input!

(no subject)

Name (first and LJ): Cassidy
Age: 22
Location: Dallas, Tx
Wedding Date: June 2, 2007
Starting Out Weight: 135-140
Current Weight: 135-140
Current Dress Size: 6
Goal Dress Size: 6 (I don't really care about my number, I just want to be toned)
Goal Weight: 115-120
Favorite Foods: Salty foods, sweets, and sodas
Favorite Exercise: exercise bike
Tell us a funny thing about yourself: My boobs won't stop growing.
Please promote this community in 2 places, one can be in your personal journal: I haven't done this, but will soon. :)
Anything else you want to say? In reference to my "funny thing" I have huge breasts, I'm talking busting out of a 34H/I size bra. This does interfere with exercise, since it hurts so bad and I'm so self-concious of my breasts bouncing. I did just recently buy one of those sports bras that Oprah talked about, I think Enell or something like that, then I had a seamstress custom fit it to me so that it does keep me tight.

This is also another problem, and the real one actually- I have no motivation. I know what I should be doing, what I shouldn't eat, that I just need to get out there and move but I can't make myself do it. It doesn't help that my fiance, Jackson is lazy right along with me. If I ask him to take a walk with me and he denies, instead of going out myself, I just plop myself down on the couch next to him. Where do you ladies get your motivation? I need some! Help!! Is anyone in the Dallas area and want to workout together? I always tell my fiance if I could put as much effort into my own body as I do him I would have a rockin' body.

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Name (first and LJ): Joanna edgar_warhol
Age: 22
Location: Fort Wayne, IN
Wedding Date: April 21, 2007
Starting Out Weight: 188 :(
Current Weight: 188
Current Dress Size: 20
Goal Dress Size: 18, ultimately 6
Goal Weight: ultimately, 125
Favorite Foods: Lofthouse cookies *drools*
Favorite Exercise: Um, yeah, don't have one. That's why I weigh what I do.
Tell us a funny thing about yourself: A funny thing? Hm... I'm not really a comedian, and I'm not really funny because I'm awkward. At this time, I really can't think of a funny thing. Except I love the movie Superstar and my fiance has a birthmark that I describe much the same way that Mary Catherine Gallagher describes that one kid's birthmark. And I think it's funny.
Please promote this community in 2 places, one can be in your personal journal: (please put links where it can be found)
Anything else you want to say? I'm very excited to meet new people through this! I'd also love to know if anyone has Bridal Bootcamp360, Bridal Bootcamp or Buff Brides and how well they've been doing with them. Thanks!
Feel free to post a picture. No picture yet.
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The group "Brideschallenge" is up and running for thos interested. There is more information in the groups profile.

Mod: I hope this okay! Let me know if it isn't :-)
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Alright so I need to get serious and I need support!

Anyone else in the same boat who wants to start a 10 pound challange?  I was thinking to set a goal of 10 pound by September 1st with updates on whatever days works best for yall.

Comment if you are interested!  Let's all get together and get sexy for the big day :-)!
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so this is love

I LOVE my fiance!!

In my last entry here I wrote about how I saw an ad for "The Bean" on tv....well, My fiance bought it for me!!! Yay!!!

Come to think of it he probably bought it for him (nice abs are his thing) but I'm soo happy/excited. It's going to take a couple of weeks to get here but I figure once it's here I can do it everyother day to whip this flabby stomach into tv ab commercial shape! I hope it works!

Ok, now off to 'running' and then Turbo Jam. How is everyone doing? Not many people write in here.